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Strategic meeting with Abravanel-Corp.

Connect. Strategize. Globalize.


Matching, Consulting & Business Development: This service involves identifying targeted solutions, partners and models of collaboration, from trend overviews to matching our clients with the ideal partners and companies. Our approach typically begins with the collection, analysis, and processing of data and information.

We then focus on our client’s most critical issues and strengths, and identify opportunities for innovation and growth. This approach enables us to design and develop successful, original and creative solutions.

Project Management & SupportWe understand that Project management is a complex task that needs a holistic and hands-on approach. We therefore strive to accompany our clients right from the start, where visions are formulated and plans developed, all the way to the final phase when ideas turn into reality

Operations Management​​​​: We utilize data models to assist clients in streamlining and improving operations, increasing business efficiency, reducing costs, and improving responsiveness to their customers.

Strategic PlanningWe assist organizations in setting strategic goals, improving operational efficiency and performance levels, while improving customer satisfaction and experience.

Networking events, Conferences, Workshops & Business delegations

We always look for new perspectives – this includes sharing relevant information and identifying opportunities for business and technological cooperation. We do this by targeting local events in Latin America and Israel, providing our clients with exciting networking opportunities with business leaders and other potential partners, and of course, enabling them to have some fun!


We don’t do “business tourism” – we connect you to the right people for your needs to pursue strategic innovation partnerships and exchange best practices.

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