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We've been leading projects with outstanding Technology Companies, such as:

Clickspree represents a paradigm shift from measuring shallow engagement metrics, to actually understanding what causes them – fluctuations in viewer attention. After four years of research and optimization in various content
categories, Clickspree was able to create the first tool that not only understands attention, but also proactively directs it to the desired content.

Real-world Intelligence on Drug Events

Data2Life delivers advanced intelligence on drug therapeutic and negative side effects (adverse events) based on multi-sourced and cross-referenced drug safety data. By combining and standardizing real-world inputs (including electronic health records (EHRs), regulatory system reports and social media posts), Data2Life provides product’s related effects and risk profiles for individual drugs and therapeutic classes, with additional insight into their effects on specific populations and demographic categories.

FanpassTick developed a machine learning/AI system that automatically identifies club fan’s probability of non-attendance, be it due to weather, financial crises, team losing streaks or any other cause. By doing so, FanpassTick can directly approach the target audience, re-sell the ticket and rev share with the fan or offer a seat upgrade.

Implicit Brand Perception - Quantified:

NeuroApplied has developed a platform that provides a reliable quantification of subconscious perception. In order to overcome the challenge of accessing and measuring unconscious processes, Neuroapplied have developed a multilayered measuring tool for human associations. Perception is quantified and data can be compared to competitors and over time. The results of the test provide a set of positive and negative characteristics about the brand. Neuroapplied give an exact rank for each characteristic. 

Transforming the world of offline retail - Weezmo collects “itemized holistic purchase” data- which is data collected from across all businesses the user buys from, enabling stores to: • Identify and reach 100% of in-store customers online • Unique key identifies customer and recognizes all of their purchases across all retailers of buying habits • Gain precious insights using machine learning to increase repeat business and sales dramatically Empowering brick and mortar retailers with digital data that increases conversion significantly.

CoolIT is an israeli developer and manufacturer of intelligent rack for data center, optimizing the flow of air, using an intelligent management system to maintain continuous operation, warning failure and more.

Pango Mobile Parking developed a platform for parking payment via smartphone. In July 2014 he was made a pilot in Curitiba with a great success. In September 2016 Pango mobile was purchased by the Spanish company Parking by Phone and its operation in Brazil is being analyzed.

Kazooloo developed an augmented reality game App. In July 2016, a distribution agreement was signed. In September, Kazooloo Brasil participated in the largest game fair in Latin America, the BGS 2016.

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